Friday, February 8, 2008

Alamo-ny (Super "Bowel" Bet)

Payback's a GIANT bitch, ain't it?

Serves me right for betting on "A Sure Thing".

Where were the Patriots that night I wonder? I thought I saw them all come out on the playing field in Arizona last Super Bowl Sunday!?


Well, you see, cowboy logic applies here (no, not Cowboys' logic ... that's a whole other tragic storyline):

'Better taste them words before you spit 'em out!'

In short, I lost a bet to Mr. Air Force Major David Lynch himself (I'm still in shock! Honestly.) ... and now I'm getting my comeuppance.

So, without further adieu, here it is, as promised, my Super Bowl series of photo humiliations and uber fan roasting.

Remember The Alamo ... Try To Forget The Super Bowl!

Oh, looky here! I actually resemble a Giants fan in this next one!

"I ain't gonna drink no more, but I ain't gonna drink no less! Yee haaaw! Would love both d'em Manning Boys in mah lap rawt abawt now (ed. - and there's nothing wrong with that)! Yummay!"

Sobering, isn't it?

Here is an unsullied view of The Alamo (San Antonio, TX) just to cleanse your eye palettes.

But! There is one consolation in all of this; while you New York Giants fans are whoopin' it up in sub-zero temperatures back in the Northeast...

The Riverwalk (San Antonio, TX), February 2008 - Brrrrrrrr!

...this Pats' fan is enjoying a toasty 82 F degree February. That's right, suckers, FEBRUARY! This is how we spend winter around these parts (Oh, shhhh. Listen, outside. Crickets!).

OK, well, better luck next year less-than-perfect-Pats.

BoSox spring training starts any day now.

In the meantime, Go... Celtics? Bruins? Revolution?

Did I miss anyone??

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