Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seven Songs For Seven People

I've been 'tagged' to post my current seven favorite songs (and forward to seven others to do the same - you know the drill) ... but, this, I'm afraid, is a nearly impossible exercise for me as I listen to far too much music on any one given day (seven degrees of several song separation-anxiety?). Alas, I never tend to linger on any one given song for longer than can be afforded, and this for good reason:

There's just too much out there waiting to be discovered!

It's a curse, I tell you, forcing bitter irony straight into your ears.

That said, I will give this the old-college-try purely to see what I come up with... here are the rules first:

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to."

So, here goes (and feel free to do the same even if you haven't been tagged officially):


7.) "Fistful of Rain" by Warren Zevon (from 'Life'll Kill Ya') - I imagine the old bard was well aware of the sickness that would soon take him when he wrote this inspirational and lovely grab-life-by-the-horns- before-it-fucks-all-this-beauty-and-poetry-up song (May you and Vonnegut be sitting together somewhere-upon-high toasting to all of this grand foolishness).

6.) "Nothing Is Innocent" by Over The Rhine (from 'The Trumpet Child') - I thought I was listening to Amy Winehouse when I first heard this stunner as it's all about addiction and falling down all done in that perfect retro-bluesy chanteuse-style. Imagine my surprise. Would do a fading diva-genius proud.

5.) "The Booklovers" by The Divine Comedy (from 'Promenade') - I was introduced to this on WMBR 88.1 FM in Cambridge, Mass. and it just rocked my literary-crashes- into-musical world. Just goes to prove reading a good book inspires great thinking and outrageously fine songwriting:
Happy the man, and happy he alone
who in all honesty can call today his own;
He who has life and strength enough
to say ’yesterday’s dead & gone
I want to live today’
4.) TIE: "The Funeral" and "Is There A Ghost" by Band Of Horses (from 'Everything All The Time' and 'Cease To Begin' respectively) - I love this band (of horses...) and not because NPR harps on them. They rock in a longing, sentimental way without being too longing and sentimental. You can actually feel cool about feeling all mushy inside.

3.) "Rickity Tikity Tin" by Barbara Manning (from '1212') - Oh, my! Doing wicked and sinister things never felt (and sounded!) so delightfully good!

2.) "The Commander Thinks Aloud" by The Long Winters (from 'Ultimatum' EP) - When it first dawned on me that this was a tuneful exploration about the space shuttle disaster it broke my heart. Such a beautifully crafted song that puts you right in the seat of catastrophe and turns your tears to vapor as you enter the atmosphere realizing all hope is lost - but wasn't it all such an amazing trip...?

1.) "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab For Cutie (from 'Plans') - Yeah, I know, their big hit! song but you know what? This was the perfect companion for when we moved from the colder climes of the Northeast to the liberating and welcoming city of Austin. It just summed everything up so very perfectly. Love it and appreciate them for putting it to 'tape'.


Dare I include some runners-up? Sure! But, I'll keep it reeeal short:

"Meet The Witch" by Big Dipper (from 'Craps') - We all 'knew right from the start there would be a hill', didn't we?

"Everybody Knows" by Blake Hazard (from 'Little Airplane') - Nobody oozes sexuality and longing like the great-niece of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Love her and John D. in The Submarines, too!

"Fix You Up" by Tegan & Sara (from 'So Jealous') - I sent this catchy, uplifting little gem to someone when they were experiencing some, ahem, marital 'growing pains'. They thanked me profusely for the eye-opening pick-me-up message.

"Into My Arms" by Nick Cave (from 'The Boatman's Call') - What can I say? This was our Couples' Dance Song at our wedding. A brilliant master at his most wistful and tender. Soulful, devastating.


Okay, 'nuff fer now - but thanks for the brain-tease, Glenn; that was an enjoyable albeit troubling jaunt (and not entirely accurate!); there's just too much great music out there...!

(Oh, did I mention that I'm listening to Television's "See No Evil" (from 'Marquee Moon') right now and totally rocking out!? ed. - Sheesh...give it a rest, pal.)

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