Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Holiday, Dick Cheney!

I think The Onion got it spot-on in their latest issue as we "celebrate" the latest, and now, 7th Annual Parade of the Neo- Cons' pride and joy, September 11th (sincere apologies to the thousands who died unnecessarily and their families now serving as involuntary shills for modern day political cynicism).

Witness even recently at the RNC the Twin Tower images still serving as the word 'Fear's' double exclamation points!! Nice touch, Rudy; we can always count on you as the Arch-Angel of Tuneless Trumpet blowing on this one.

Ironically, so much of the Right defines their brand of 'Conservatism' as that which our most important values and lessons must hearken back to "better days" (read: until recently the 1950's (throw in most of the 19th Century while you're at it; we want to make sure African-Americans have been handily dealt with, too...) when we had the last great reasons to be afraid including the good old standby spectres of Communism and 'Nuclear War' (c) 1939), and those better days have now been notoriously rechristened.

Why has September 11th, 2001 been translating as better days for so many of one particular political party? Do I really need to elaborate on the tired abuse of symbolism as a form of helping frame a candidate's debate on his (or her) worthiness to lead a nation?

Naaaah, mostly charred, building-dusted, bloodied old-hat this one.

Better we just get our gift shopping done early, everyone; I hear there's another attack on our sensibilities brewing in November...

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