Thursday, September 11, 2008


Speaking of "framing debates"...

Isn't it strange how The Dems have not seized control of their own "swift boating" tactics? And why not; politics is an ugly, ugly sport.

Word of advice from George Lakoff and others amongst the Clan of Chomsky: take control of a word to describe your opponent.

Say it over and over again until the general public has no other choice but to accept it as "reality".

Own it!

May I suggest:

"RECKLESS" describe everything about McCain and his "Camp-Pain". His callous disregard of a former respectable self (one that now panders to right-wing ideology, religious Backwardism (no, Colbert! I get credit for this one!), environmental irresponsibility, economic naivete, and the most outrageously insulting choice for a Vice-Presidential side-kick in Sarah Palin!?!

Not even the most cynical of us would want this self described "lipsticked pitbull" so close to a 72-year-old presidential nominee.

Please be advised: as of today there are 54 Days left before this country wields one of its most mighty privileges.

Use it responsibly.

Vote with your intellect this time and not your baser instincts.

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