Monday, October 8, 2007

Angels In The Outs Field

A friend and I have a bet going on.

If the Red Sox make the World Series (not win, just get there) this year he must dawn a Red Sox hat and t-shirt for the day and send me a picture as proof. He is no fan of the Red Sox by any stretch of the imagination believe you me. But he is convinced that the Yankees will undo the Sox in the ALCS games (hmmm, Cleveland seems to be up 2 games to 1 as of this posting).

If the Sox (or, "Sux" as he likes to refer to them) fail to make the Series...

...I must wear his beloved Miami Dolphins uniform and send him the photographic proof. He has spared me the humiliation of sporting (get it?) any Yankees attire at the moment for whatever reason ... maybe that fate awaits me after any non-Sox World Series event?? (shudder!).

I will publish either of the photos on this site after the results are in.

Do stay tuned as this looks like its beginning to get real interesting! And, may the better teams prevail.

In the meantime ...
Thanks, Curt, good to have you back in form!

(Boston Red Sox 9, Los Angeles Angels 1 - October 7th, 2007)

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