Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"...should be happy." (August, 24th, 2007)

Last week I posted a comment about a dream I had involving an appearance by Jen.

Immediately afterwards, I thought, posting this recollection was probably made a bit against my better judgment; dreams, after all, tend to be very personal and, some might argue, describing their contents to others too self-indulgent (Ha! So, when did *that* ever stop me before, right? ;^).

However, the missive did seem to strike a very positive note with a number of folks so I'm glad it resulted in good feelings for many of you out there. Her 'visits' are, naturally, welcomed anytime.

Thanks for indulging me...

What I'm also thankful for, though, is that, without having been prompted or even being aware of the dream/posting yet, my wife, Heather, went out the very next day and bought 22' of "Dragonfly Garden String Lights" (see attachment) and said, "Here I got these as a gift for you so you can remember Jen by."

Nice touch, Sweetheart.

They're strung along the roof on the front of our house above our new mandarin orange (still green-fruited, really) tree ~ yep, them and pecan trees grow like all-Sam-Hill down here in Texas.

Pie, anyone?

I'm glad she apparently had a similar '+vibe+' from that day and decided to spread the joy!

Happy New Year,


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