Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Austin City Unlimited (June 8th, 2007)

This week I'm thankful for the great city of Austin, Texas where my wife and I just found out we'll be moving to by the end of this July.

I'm grateful for all of the heartfelt sentiments that many folks have expressed about our leaving Massachusetts (at least for awhile anyway...).

That said, I'm grateful for New England, as well as, the State of
Massachusetts for being a good place to live (when it wants to be!), and especially its location to many things wonderful: the White Mountains, Burlington, Vermont, the Atlantic Ocean (the Cape!), New York City, (wait? we're leaving all of this behind!?), Maine and it's abundance of good people and ... ahem, this is gonna hurt most of all... it's out-of-this-world lobsters(!), and, of course, most thankful for all of our friends & colleagues who live here --> we're not leaving *you* we're just heading out West for a spell!

And, to address the folks who cock-an-eye when we say, "Texas." and then respond, "TEXAS!? What in the Sam-Hill are you moving to Texas for?!" To this we say - we're thankful, despite some of the political foolishness going on at the moment, that we're all still lovable, goofy Americans who, despite our differences, will always be welcomed in any state we're going to no matter 'where we're coming from'...

Enjoy the weekend, Ya'll,


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