Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Memorial Service Reflection (May 18th, 2007)

I'm thankful that if there has to be such a sad moment in our lives that we all have the strength to walk forward from it as changed and better people.

I'm thankful Bern and Jen met.

I'm thankful they brought the world their beautiful children.

I'm thankful in knowing Bern will have the love & support he and his family, needs to grow and feel great joy again.

I'm thankful for catching up with all the long lost friends and elementary school teachers(!!) at Jen's wonderful service (and, yes, I'm thankful for the perfect weather that day).

I'm thankful that our friends Bethany & Glenn gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl that will someday be president(!).

I'm thankful that our dear friend Beth Manning came and stayed with us last weekend so we could support one another and manage the highs and lows together - because that's exactly what lifelong friendships are all about.

I'm thankful that Beth made it safely back to San Francisco to be once again embraced by her lovely family.

I'm thankful that Chris Arruda, Amy Cole and everybody else involved in planning and creating the service are such smart, competent, talented, excellent people.

I'm very thankful for my patient and loving wife, Heather.

I'm thankful for anyone making it this far down my 'thankful list'...! ;^)

There's much more to be thankful for but I'll stop here ... for now.



p.s. - oh, and one more thing... I'm thankful for "Fire".

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