Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zen and the Art of Mochaccino Maintenance (September 7th, 2007)

So, there's this college-aged guy who works occasionally at the local coffee shop, Flightpath, in the Hyde Park area of Austin. It's the place I frequent for my daily caffeine fix (addiction?). He reminds me of somebody I just can't quite put my finger on every time I see him ... perhaps a melding of several people I've known and liked over the years. He makes a killer Cappuccino (or anything else 'espresso' for that matter).

But what makes my particular cafe experience truly unique is this: after diligent preparation of the drink and before handing the cup to me, he'll eye the contents over suspiciously looking for any signs of 'imperfection', then meet me straight in the eye and say in all earnestness, "Did I make that just right for you?"

And you know, absolutely know(!), that if you said, "No, a little too much water/milk/foam/whatever." he'd smile and do the whole darn thing over again without so much as a twitch.

Maybe you have to be there to 'get it' but a deserving and thankful nod goes out to anyone who genuinely cares enough about whatever they do, even if its the most seemingly trivial thing (there is nothing trivial about coffee, btw...); they obviously take pride in what they do but it also means a lot to those of us who are actually paying attention.

There's just so much Zen to be found in crafting a good cup of Java ... cool.


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